An ultra-mild lavender bar made with organic oatmeal, pure vegetable oils, specially selected herbs and botanicals. Perfect for babies!

Loanda Herbal Bar Soap is unlike any treatment bar your skin has ever experienced. Loanda’s mild Oatmeal lavender bar uses only pure vegetable oils combined with specially selected oatmeal, herbs and botanicals to bring out the very best in your complexion. Cleans and softens skin with a very mild, rich lather. Rinses completely. Ideal for babies. Each bar is carefully handmade in the ancient art of herbal soap making.

Item Size: 4 oz/113 g

Ingredients: Saponified organic oils of palm, coconut, olive and palm kernel, raw shea butter, organic calendula extract, organic St. Johns Wort extract, organic rosemary extract.

USDA Organic